Video games – yes, they are good for you

Most parents today don’t like their children playing video games  often. They think it’s a bad influence and that they are wasting time by playing games. There is more and more studies and this topic and more people are realizing that video games actually good for the kids.  Video games have a few good perks as they allow children to develop their skills  in problem solving in and creativity and one of those games is Toon Blast. Has lots of colors and it’s fun. Some of the kids even use some of the online Toon Blast cheats in order to get more levels as well.

Some studies usual the playing video games for 30 minutes a day can actually grow Grey cells in your brain which is amazing. Apart from that video games can also sharpen your eyes because the game requires you to look at multiple points on the screen such as your resources, shield, shield and ammo.

Because of this you can see better in the real life when you will notice more details what you’re going outside.

Another good thing for kids is that when they are playing games often play with friends and socialize.  This is a good thing because it does depression and social anxiety. It is also a good way to make some new friends and get rid of the shyness. It also improves their self-esteem  which will help them in the long run in the life.


There are so many good points for playing video games rather than not playing video games.  Like everything in life you need to control yourself and your children is too much of everything will cause damage. Limits their time so they can only play games for a few hours a day and not more than that.

You should also keep track of what your children are playing and how good they are in the game because there is  a good chance they become really good  in the game in day can make a career out of it. Professional gamers can make a lot of money when winning  tournaments  in signing sponsorships.

Some players can you end up in professional teams and compete on the global level which will earn them  even more money.


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